Thanks to all of you who joined our 2016 EntreAsians retreat in San Francisco! We started off at Mike’s apartment in downtown SF, and ended up at the Ferry Building on the bay!

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For those who didn’t make it, here’s a summary of what we learned…

How to say who you are and what do you in 20 words or less – Rebecca Okamoto

Rebecca was nice enough to summarize everything she taught us in a nice LinkedIn blog post, who she wrote just for us(?) We learned about writing and presenting to ONE person only (people will later think you wrote it just for them and you can say of course!). We also learned the difference between benefits and features.

Why a steady job to entrepreneurship makes financial sense – Dr. Ben Wang

Ben had us all whip out our iPhone calculators and we went through an exercise that showed us why entrepreneurship pays out over the long run over a steady job…. even a doctor!


Podcasting from a man who knew nothing about podcasting 3 months ago – BJ Kang

BJ Kang, of The American Voice Podcast fame, showed us behind the scenes of creating a podcast. We even did a sample recording, which he edited in real time in front of us. Check out his podcast where he interviews Asian entrepreneurs (including me in episode 4!).


Sourcing, selling, and marketing a physical product on Amazon – Dale Ting

I gave the crowd a quick rundown on how to research a product, how FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) works, and how to source a private label product. Or, you can even start by buying things on sale or only locally available and turning it around and selling it on Amazon (retail arbitrage). The Amazing Seller podcast is the best way to learn how to sell on Amazon.


A great time was had by all! Hope to see you at the next one.