Thank you to Rebecca Okamoto of Evoke.pro for presenting three workshops for our retreat! They are:

Personal Branding: How to say who you are and what do you in 20 words or less 

First impressions matter! Science tells us that in only takes SECONDS for people to judge our credibility and trustworthiness.  Are you prepared to answer, “What do you do?”

Everyone knows we only get one shot to make that first impression. But few have learned how to craft and communicate an introduction that captivates the listener. In this interactive workshop, I’ll show you how write an engaging personal brand headline and use it to your advantage.

Turn Your Pitch into a “Tell Me More” Moment

We work in a fast paced, multi-tasking, attention-deficit environment. Get your pitch wrong and you’re arguing instead of engaging, and confusing people versus closing deals.

A great pitch can turn a 90 second introduction into a “tell me more” moment. This is a hands on workshop where you’ll learn how to pitch, persuade and engage with more confidence and success.

Your Step by Step Guide to Network to New Opportunities 

Everyone hears how important networking is, but does anyone really know how? I never understood what it meant to “use my network”.

Then one day I learned the secret to using my network was as simple as asking them for help.  In this short talk, I’ll walk you through 7 steps that will have you networking to new opportunities the very next day.  This is a confidence boosting process that works for introverts and extroverts alike, and will help you open doors you didn’t realize were within reach.

Interested in a sneak peek? Take a look at these posts on my blog: Evoke.pro

Rebecca’s Bio:

Principal, REO Consulting

Editor, Evoke.pro (https://evoke.pro)

Rebecca Okamoto is the founder of Evoke Strategy Group, and consults with startups, scale-ups and turnarounds. She’s a former P&G Supply Chain executive and was P&G’s first Asian American woman to reach the top 1% in the Supply Chain function. Her expertise is in operations, supply chain and communications.

Rebecca is on a mission to unlock the potential of people and ideas. As a communications coach, she helps people with something to say, but struggle to say it. She focuses on practical tools to help her clients get fast, visible improvement.

Rebecca works with corporations, ERG’s, professionals, and technology entrepreneurs. Her clients include Network of Executive Women, Medtronic, Sunny D, NAAAP and Verizon Powerful Answer Award Winners.